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Wealth ManagementWealth Management is a strategy to grow your investment income and to preserve your net worth. with strategies that will grow your net worth. Net worth is the be all and end all of your investment strategies. The goal is to grow your net worth. Or provide you with a return that's above average . Not promising you high returns that are not realistic as they say don't Bernie Madoff me. Diversification is the key you don't put your all your money in one investment that is the opposite of diversifying. You want to strategically position yourself for any downturn to minimize lost your portfolio. That's what diversification does.

Tax-Deferred Annuity

A long-term investment retirement account that lets you save and invest on a tax- deferred basis with an alternative to take delivery of a monthly income at a later date.

Immediate Annuity

This type of investment gives regular income payments immediately or within a small time after that for as long as you live.

Index Annuities/Equity-Indexed Annuity/Fixed Index Annuity

These are complex financial instruments that have characteristics of both fixed and variable annuities. Some index annuities offer a minimum guarantee interest rate combined with a participation rate linked to a market index hence the name.

Many index annuities are based on well-known indices like the S&P 500 composite stock price index, but some use other indexes including those that represent other segments of the market. Some index annuities allow investors to select one or more indexes. With some index annuity, your principal is guaranteed and you can never lose even if the market happens to go down.

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